Olympia Water Systems Model Identification

The Olympia label on the RO membrane housing (the larger horizontal canister on the top of the system bracket) will indicate which system you have installed. This label will have "Reverse Osmosis System with 50GPD Membrane" or "Reverse Osmosis System with 80GPD Membrane" and will have "OROS-50" or "OROS-80" indicated at the top right corner.

You can also check the Flow Restrictor (the white plastic cylinder that connects the black drain tubing to the system), it will have a green sticker with either "300" or "400". "300" indicates the OROS-50 and "400" indicates OROS-80.

If you have an OROS-50, you will need a replacement filter set that includes a 50GPD membrane. If you have an OROS-80, you will need a replacement filter set that includes a 80GPD membrane.

Also, a stage-6 Alkaline Remineralization Filter can be added to any Olympia RO system, so be sure to look to see if your system has this additional filter. The stage-6 filter is installed ontop of the stage-5 Post Carbon (Coconut Shell Carbon) filter, so your system would have three horizontal filters installed ontop of the system bracket (RO membrane housing, Post Carbon Filter, Alkaline Remineralization Filter).

Olympia Water Systems RO Replacement Filters

Olympia replacement reverse osmosis filters are high-quality filters that have been tested specifically with Olympia reverse osmosis systems. We offer a variety of convenient replacement filter sets to make RO system maintenance as easy as possible. When stored properly, replacement filters have an unlimited shelf life, so purchasing filters in advance can help simplify the replacement process.

Still not sure which RO system replacement filters you need?

Contact our support staff through our Contact page or by phone and we can assist you with determining the best replacement filter set to purchase for your Olympia reverse osmosis system.