Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement

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How Often Should Reverse Osmosis Filters be Replaced?

In a 5-stage under sink reverse osmosis system, there are usually three different replacement timeframes listed for the filters.

  • Stage 1-3 Pre-Filters: 6-12 Months
  • Stage 4 RO Membrane: 2-3 Years
  • Stage 5 Post Carbon Filter: 1-2 Years

Why is it Important to Change Your RO System Filters?

These filter replacement timeframes are important because replacing the filters in a reverse osmosis system is crucial to the longevity of the system. However, the filter replacement timeframes for your system may vary slightly based on two factors, source water quality and water usage.

Source Water Quality

A reverse osmosis system uses a reverse osmosis membrane to remove dissolved solids and contaminants from the source water to produce pure, clean drinking water. If your source water is municipal water, your water will most likely have a common type of disinfectant added by the city, like chlorine or chloramine. If you are using well water, your water may have a larger amount of sediment.

Although the reverse osmosis membrane is responsible for the primary part of the filtering process, chemicals like chlorine or chloramine and sediment particles can damage the membrane and prevent it from filtering the water effectively. The pre-filters, stage 1 sediment, and stage 2-3 carbon block filters protect the membrane from these damaging particles.

The stage 1 polypropylene sediment filter catches the sand, silt, dirt and rust particles from the water and prevents them from entering further into the system. The primary function of stage 2 and 3 carbon block filters is to remove chlorine, but can also remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bad taste and odors before the water reaches the membrane.

Since these pre-filters act as a protective barrier for the RO membrane, it is very important that they are changed regularly so they can continue to protect the RO membrane.

RO System Water Usage

The replacement timeframes listed for RO system filters are based on average household use. An average small household will use approximately 3 gallons of filtered water for drinking and cooking a day. If you have connected your RO system to deliver filtered water to additional outlets, such as a fridge dispenser and ice-maker or a fish tank, the amount of daily filtered water usage will increase.

Olympia Water Systems RO Replacement Filters

Olympia replacement reverse osmosis filters are high-quality filters that have been tested specifically with Olympia reverse osmosis systems. We offer a variety of convenient replacement filter sets to make RO system maintenance as easy as possible. When stored properly, replacement filters have an unlimited shelf life, so purchasing filters in advance can help simplify the replacement process.
oros-45 50gpd replacement filters 5 pack

Not sure which RO system replacement filters you need? Contact our support staff through our Contact page or by phone and we can assist you with determining the best replacement filter set to purchase for your Olympia reverse osmosis system.